Hilltop Acres Bose Dixiland ET

E90 91US Bosephus X Glenn Dignity X Vigor Divinity

Dixiland is one of our most exciting cows at Hilltop Acres. 

She is the dam of Hilltop Acres B Daredevil ET @ New Generation Genetics

1.5 PTAT 1.57UDC

Dixiland is due in February

Hilltop Acres Pay DairyQueen

VG88 88US Payssli X Brookings Dora X Vigor Dolly

Dam of Hilltop Acres Biver DairyKing, and Hilltop Acres Calvin Dairystar at Sexing Technologies.

Dam of the #42 genomic heifer, Hilltop Acres Tempo Donella ET

Hilltop Acres Scubd Parmesa ET

VG 85 85US Cadence X Driver Petunia

#29 PPR Cow

Pregnancies by Tenascious

Hilltop Acres Biver Date ET

84 88US Biver X Supreme Dollar X Vigor Dolly

Dam of Hilltop Acres D Defender at New Generation Genetics

Hilltop Acres Cad Paula

Cadence X Bush Denver

#35 PPR Cow

Hilltop Acres Brook Kari

VG85 85US Brookings X Torch Kaijsa X Europa Kitty

Dam of Hilltop Acres Biver Knockout at New Generation Genetics, and Hilltop Acres D Kickstart ET at Sexing Technologies.

Hilltop Acres BK Maui ET

E90 90US Brookings X Dynasty Ming X Olsons Melodys Music ET

#64 PPR Cow

Just fresh 3rd lactation.

Hilltop Acres BK Mara

VG89 90US Brookings X Vigor Matika X Dynasty Ming

Dam of Hilltop Acres Norwin Mustang at New Generation Genetics

Lime Rock Narcissus Petunia

Driver X Zoldo Zeus

#83 PPR Cow 

Dam of Seasidebloom at Semex

Owned with Scubed Genetics

Trout Run Driver Jan P ET

VG86 86US Driver X Andy Jill P

#56 PPR Cow

#1 Genomic polled cow 

Owned with John Rodecap

Other Genomic Cows at Hilltop Acres

Hilltop Acres Scubed Nutella ET

Cadence X Zoldo-Zeus Narcissus

#51 PPR Cow

Hilltop Acres Payssli Kindle

Payssli X Driver Kiwi

#102 PPR Cow

Hilltop Acres CD Keegan

Cadence X Dragon Kiss

#108 PPR Cow

Hilltop Acres Driver Kiwi Twin

Driver X Europa Kitty

#178 PPR Cow

Hilltop Acres BK Donna

Brookings X Agio Demetra

#204 PPR Cow

Hilltop Acres Cad Corona

Cadence X Vigor Crystal

#219 PPR Cow