Hilltop Acres Vigor Dolly ET


E93 93US Vigor X Premium Dally

One of the leaders of our outstanding D family. Dolly is the dam of Hilltop Acres W Durham at Accelerated Genetics, Hilltop Acres CT Davenport at New Generation Genetics, Hilltop Acres Carter King at Swissgenetics, and Hilltop Acres Carter Cooper at Swissgenetics. The Dolly side of the family has produced some outstanding cows including Brookings Dora, Brookings Danica, Supreme Dollar, and even greater grandaughters: Payssli Dairyqueen, Huray Dine, Tempo Donella, Lucky Dollop, and Lucky Dream.

Hilltop Acres Vigor Divinity


E91 92US Vigor X Premium Dally

The other leader of our outstanding D family. Divinity is the dam of Hilltop Acres DV Design at Accelerated Genetics and Hilltop Acres Glenn Durango at New Generation Genetics. Divinity is also the Great Granddam of our hottest bull, Hilltop Acres Brady Daredevil. The Divinity side has also delieverd some outstanding females including Driver Delilah, Glenn Dignity, Chilipepper Dacia, Bosephus Dixiland, and Bosephus Dixipie. 

Hilltop Acres TD Jess


E90 90US TD X Dynasty Jazzy

Dam of Hilltop Acres Ali Jackson, and Hilltop Acres Biver Jesse ET at New Generation Genetics.

Dam of Hilltop Acres BK Jaguar at Accelerated Genetics.

Viking Valley Brookings Gift


E90 92US Brookings X Viking Valley Wonder Goblet

Dam of Hilltop Acres Biver Gamechanger at Sexing Technologies